GaRID Organizational Structure 2023

I. Board Members:
      A. Executive Board
                  1. President, Vyron Kinson
                  2. Vice President, VACANT
                  3. Treasurer, Meghan Cowin
                  4. Secretary, Phyllis Thomas
      B. Members at Large
                  1. Member at Large, VACANT
                  2. Member at Large, VACANT
                  3. Member at Large, VACANT

II. Committees:
      A. CMP Committee: Meghan Cowin

      B. Conference Planning Committee: Vyron Kinson, Meghan Cowin
      C. Membership Committee: Kelly Spell; Board Liaison: TBD
      D. PD Committee:TBD
      E. Mentorship Committee: TBD
      F. Communications:
                  1. FACES Editor -  Vacant
                  2. Webmaster -  Erika Bravo
                  3. Social Media -  Erika Bravo

As a membership organization, the success of GaRID depends on the involvement of its members.  If you would like to serve the organization, please contact the chair of the committee or any GaRID Board Member. 

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