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GaRID has been part of the Deaf Community since 1971 as GRID at first, then later changed to GaRID.  All of these years, we the interpreters of Georgia as a collective organization have worked to continue to improve the professionalism and quality of interpreters in this state.  In the beginning, GRID was involved in giving quality assurance tests to make sure that those who worked with Deaf folk were capable of doing so.  We've worked and continue to work with RID.  We also created a memorandum of understanding with GAD in July of 2015.  GaRID is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to supporting the advancement of the ASL/spoken language interpreting profession.  We have a board of directors, we support our GaRID members as they move forward by providing workshops, trainings, mentorship, social opportunities and partaking in endeavors that will strive to improve the profession for interpreters to make a difference for the Deaf Community in Georgia.  Today, we continue to spread the importance of maintaining professionalism, while also expanding our own understanding of this word as it applies in settings that can be oppressive to those of other cultures/skin colors/racial differences/gender differences/sexual orientations/neuro divergences/and other differences of minority groups.  We work to impove ourselves also by collaborating with GCDHH and  the Governor's selected representative for the Commission for the Deaf/HH.


(Application open Oct 3-31.)

Are you new to the interpreting field, working toward credentials and ready to make a commitment to your professional development?  If the answer is yes, here’s an opportunity to “dive in.”  The CATIE Center has a new project, Dive In:  Building Skills and Confidence in Interpreting with a pilot cohort focused on interpreters in United States. The project aims to support novice interpreters identifying a specific goal, such as certification (i.e., CDI, NIC, BEI),  state licensure, or passing an agency screening, and working to achieve that goal.

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GaRID strives to provide the wealth of information out there.  We do not endorse these sources, but like to make sure that all who are members are able to access as many resources as possible.  To that end, we have added a section for our Facebook page. 

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GARID  is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.

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