Erin Salmon

Vice President

Hello all!

My name is Erin Salmon and I live in Harlem, Ga. After graduating High School I went to Arizona for one year, met a cute Deaf guy, learned about Deaf Culture, ASL and was a goner. That was the beginning! Since that time, I have completed a Bachelors from Valdosta State University and a Masters from the University of North Florida both in Interpreting. Several. Years later I became a Qualified Mental Health Interpreter, which is the majority of my interpreting work now. 

I wound up marrying the cute Deaf guy, Vafa, and having two very energetic kids, Zia (6yo), and Ruhiyyih (2yo). Along with our 3 dogs we have a busy house. 

There is so much change happening in our field now that it is truly an exciting time to be involved and I hope that you all feel that drive as much as I do. I look forward to working with the board in this new capacity and hoping to get more involvement from interpreters across the state. 

Let’s get started!!

Erin Salmon

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